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Man hurt in West Bank shooting incident: Israel

The Israeli military says it has received a report of a “shooting incident” in Huwara, a flashpoint town in the occupied West Bank.

March 20, 2023
20 March 2023

Israel’s ambulance service says one man has been seriously wounded when his vehicle came under fire in a flashpoint town in the Israeli-occupied West Bank, without giving details on the identities of those involved.

The Israeli military said it received a report of a “shooting incident” in Huwara, a town that has been a focus of Israeli-Palestinian violence in recent weeks.

Israel’s Magen David Adom ambulance service said it was treating one man who had been shot in the upper part of his body.

The incident occurred as Israeli and Palestinian officials met in Egypt for talks aimed at calming a surge in violence.

Last month a Palestinian gunman killed two Israelis driving through Huwara, an attack that triggered a rampage by Jewish settlers who killed a Palestinian man and torched dozens of houses and cars.

The Israeli-occupied West Bank has face a surge in confrontations in recent months, with near-daily military raids and escalating settler violence amid a spate of attacks by Palestinians.

Over the past year, Israeli forces have made thousands of arrests in the West Bank and killed more than 200 Palestinians, including fighters and civilians.

More than 40 Israelis and three Ukrainians have died in Palestinian attacks in the same period. 

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