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Wealthy nations must step up climate aid

US envoy John Kerry has called on the world’s wealthier nations to “step up” to help poorer countries cope with the impact of climate change.

November 5, 2022
5 November 2022

The world’s wealthier countries need to “step up” to help poorer nations adapt to the impact of climate change and transition away from fossil fuels, US envoy John Kerry says.

Speaking ahead of the Cop27 summit in Egypt, Mr Kerry said the greatest responsibility lay with those countries which have been the biggest users of fossil fuels.

“Obviously those countries with greater means across the board – and that includes some developing countries that have greater means – need to also step up and help in this transition,” he told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme.

“We don’t view it – and we’re not going to view it – as compensation. We are going to view it as our efforts to try to help countries to adapt, to be able to become more resilient and obviously address the challenges that they face as a result of the losses and damages.

“Obviously, it is the folks who use the fossil fuel the most who are most responsible, I think, to help be part of that solution.

“It is also very complicated. A whole lot of countries – some of them developing countries – are also using massive amounts of coal. You have to work out the methodology by which you are going to assign a process that works for everybody.”

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